One of Australia’s best online vinyl retailers, JJ’s Vinyl represents everything we love about collecting. And it will all be on display July, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 at Music Palooza. Owner Jamie points out: “This isn’t your usual online Vinyl store; we aren’t a big faceless business.”

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That’s music to our ears. We probed him about his reasons for making JJ’s. “I originally started this business not to make money but to share my love of Vinyl. Initially I just wanted to get rid of some of my double ups and make room for more records in my collection, but the business quickly grew.” JJ’s currently sell a huge collection of Vinyl with delivery to all parts of Australia.

So why choose vinyl over any other format? Jamie stresses: “Vinyl is truly the best way to experience music, the physicality and warmth of the records really heightens your enjoyment.”

As a long time online buyer of vinyl records Jamie knows how badly some of the different services treat their records. He states: “When you buy Vinyl online with me, I personally package the record and send it to you the next day. I use proper cardboard with padding to ensure it’s not damaged as well, there is nothing worse than a broken record in the mail. So check out my catalogue and buy your Vinyl online with me today. Insurance is included in our postal costs, so if the worst does happen return the record and you will receive a refund.” As avid collectors ourselves, JJ’s packaging protocols are very reassuring.

This is JJ’s first time at Music Palooza and we can’t wait ti see all the incredible goodies he brings.