“You’re just like a kid in a candy store when you see all the vinyl that are available”

Paul Cook, owner and operator of Heartland Records in Melbourne is regarded by many customers as retail royalty. From goth rock to stoner metal, to alternative and industrial, Heartland’s ability to stock exactly what you need is nothing shy of freakish.

He has always supported Music Palooza and loves Adelaide’s rabid collector base. Says Paul : “the Adelaide scene is incredible. They are so educated in what defines great music. I love coming over here.“ “I’ll be bringing some amazing stuff. Whether you are a serious collector or casual fan, I promise there is something for everyone.” Having laid witness to Heartlands incredible selection of vinyl and CDs, we at Music Palooza are licking our lips in anticipation.

Having fallen into the business some 20 plus years ago, Paul has stayed in it ever since. “I didn’t start out as a record dealer, it just sort of happened. I was a chef actually, and I lost my job so I thought I might just start selling records. It’s a hard struggle, I could probably make a lot more money being a chef, but I like doing it.” admits Paul.

Over almost 20 years in the trade, Paul has witnessed the ebbs and flows of selling vinyl records, but thinks the resurgence is a good thing.

“It’s been hard at times”, he admits. But you can tell [thats theres an improvement in the fortunes of vinyl sales in recent times] by whats available. Especially early ’90s stuff, because they just made a token amount (back then), maybe in Holland or Germany, and you cant find them.”

“But every week there’s a bloody great long list of what they’re reissuing. It’s pretty hard as a retailer because you’ve got to juggle and try and decide what you’re going to stock, and there’s deluxe versions and normal versions. It would be pretty daunting if you were just starting out. You’re just like a kid in a candy store when you see all the vinyl thats available. Theres too much,” he laments.

If you fall into the category of ‘too much is never enough’ you will love what Heartland brings to the Music Palooza table.

(article adapted from beat magazine)