everybody collects something

Interstate heavyweights Revolve Records will be bringing down a huge collection of vinyl and cds. Revolve from Sydney specialises in rare, collectable and out of print records and CDs. If you collect a particular artist or style, then let them know and they will send you a list of what they have available. This is one of the most enormous collections we have ever seen.

From Byron Bay comes Matt Bowden’s aka The Vinyl Junkie – a collection of the world’s finest funk, soul, disco, rock and more. Dedicated to keeping the wonderful joy of vinyl alive, The Vinyl Junkie brings tens of thousands of vinyls in from the US every year. He is the mecca of vinyl.


Adelaide favourites Squirrell Gripp Records will be bringing the heavy. SGR has one of the most sought after collections of metal on vinyl, featuring loads of out-of-print titles and new releases fresh from Europe and the US. They often carry titles that you would consider impossible to get.